Ruptured eardrum!?

Answer I say go see a doctor to make sure it did indeed rupture, because if it did rupture it's going to need to be fixed.And to answer your question it wouldn't hurt to play, but if you did rupture it yo... Read More »

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I think I may have ruptured my eardrum?

Im pretty sure if you have a ruptured ear drum you are temporarily deaf in that ear until it heals. I may be wrong but it just sounds like you've damaged your ear in some other way.Ok scratch that.... Read More »

Is it possible that i ruptured my eardrum?

Not a ruptered eardrum. Those are VERY painful. I agree with what the other person said about you pushing ear wax farther into the ear. Im sure youll get this taken care of but until then I think I... Read More »

Can an eardrum be ruptured by blowing the nose?

On One Hand: Probably NotEardrums rupture or burst because of changes in pressure in the surrounding environment, such as when a plane goes up several miles into the atmosphere. It is unlikely that... Read More »

How do you know if you have burst your eardrum?

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