Running with shin splints, please help ?

Answer shin spints are VERY painful and debilitatimg....please do NOT run when you have shin splints, it makes the condition worse, and a longer time of recovery will be what the Dr says, go ... Read More »

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What is the coarse of action for someone with shin splints in the military I Have had shins splints basically for a year now every time I run. What can happen if I can no longer meet the running?

If you have been diagnosed with shin splints by a service physician, you should be under profile prohibition of running. If you remain on profile for a significant amount of time, you could be revi... Read More »

Could my shin splints come from my new running shoes?

On One Hand: Improper Footwear May Cause Shin SplintsAccording to, "inadequate footwear" is one of the most common causes of shin splints. To be more specific, running shoes ... Read More »

Can supplements help shin splints?

On One Hand: Omega-3 Can HelpShin splints, according to the Mayo Clinic, refers to a pain in your shin, which is the front part of the tibia. They can be caused by excess pressure on the bone, str... Read More »

Can I run with shin splints?

On One Hand: An overuse injuryShin splints is a common lower leg problem caused mainly through overuse or overtraining. While it may occur in different areas of the lower leg, the most common site ... Read More »