Running 3 VGA monitor?

Answer… shows the ports, none are the VGA type. One is a DVI-I, one is a DVI-D, one is an HDMI, one is a DisplayPort.You will have to buy external adapters to g... Read More »

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While using my PC, My monitor will cut off, but the PC keeps running. What can I do to fix it?

Does the monitor go into standby mode, or just die?You can tell if the monitor goes into standby mode because the power LED on the monitor will turn yellow. If this is the case, then go into the P... Read More »

What resolution is your monitor running at?

1280 by 1024 on my home computer, and 1152 by 864 on my computer at work.

Running an LCD TV as a monitor - bars on side - solutions?

The resolution you probably want is 1280x768, this is the resolution that most smaller HDTVs use.If your video card doesn't allow you to set that resolution, you may need to update the drivers, or ... Read More »

I have 2 computers, both running WinXP...what's the best way to hook both to 1 monitor at same time?

Ok, what you need is a little switch. I believe it's called a KVM switch. (google that, not positive). Anyways, what it does is, connects both computers to one monitor like you said.I have it hooke... Read More »