Runescape; What are those gold boots that look like paws called?

Answer They are possibly the chicken feet from the easter event a couple years back or perhaps the werewolf loyalty reward suit.

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What are those large white things that look like tall fans called They're usually outside over farmland?

Do you know where I can get boots that look like this for a lot cheaper?

I am not 100% sure, But I think these stores might have those boots, or at least close enough!~Kohls(even if you don't find them there, they have lots of others that could be like those)~Macys~Payl... Read More »

When I look at photographs of the full Milky Way I cannot help wondering how we managed to get those pictures. Do we really have satellites that far away or is it all speculation what it looks like?

We cannot see the entire Milky Way galaxy, since we're IN it; it is all around us. We're actually way off toward the edge of the galaxy. The center of the galaxy is in the general direction of the ... Read More »

What are those cameras called that pop the picture out as soon as you take it?

Polaroid. You might be able to get one a Walmart or a camera store.