Rules for a NASCAR Pace Car?

Answer The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) started running races in 1949. There are many different makes, models and designs of race cars on a NASCAR racetrack. The pace car operat... Read More »

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Is lee pace gay?

no that started as a rumour when people thought he was. so the awnser is no. so now he is trying to find a girlfriend. Or perhaps he is; know someone well who is friends with his ex-boyfriend in th... Read More »

What does"glacial pace"mean?

The term "glacial pace" refers to the slow-moving nature of glaciers. If something were described as moving at a glacial pace, it would mean that it is moving extremely slowly.References:Dictionary... Read More »

What does"hunter pace"mean?

Hunter pace means to keep the pace of a formal fox hunt. A hunter pace is generally set up as a trail ride that is based on time. You get in groups/teams and try complete the trail at the pace a re... Read More »

What Is a Pace Maker?

A pacemaker is a small device surgically implanted under the skin near the heart. Its function is to maintain a regular heart rhythm through electrical impulses. This can benefit patients who have ... Read More »