Rules for Towing a Vehicle Right?

Answer Each state dictates its own rules for towing vehicles and other items behind cars. Your state legislature or Department of Motor Vehicles has a list of these requirements available for those who in... Read More »

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New York Vehicle Towing Rules?

While it may seem to some that tow trucks are above the law in New York, they are regulated under the state's general business laws in article 26, and New York's administrative code title 20. New Y... Read More »

How to Wire a Vehicle for Towing?

Few vehicles on the road come pre-wired for hauling a trailer. Most older vehicles aren't. Even though there are several ways to get the wiring done -- just about every mechanic can do it -- the mo... Read More »

DIY: Towing a Disabled Vehicle?

You never know when your vehicle will stall out on you. This will make towing the vehicle inevitable, but you must know the steps to doing it safely. Knowledge of this procedure will decrease the r... Read More »

Concerns When Towing a Powerglide-Equipped Vehicle?

Powerglide transmissions, manufactured by General Motors and used in very early production vehicles, have remained popular for racing and performance vehicle enthusiasts. Being a two-speed automati... Read More »