Rules for Running a Check Cashing Establishment?

Answer Check cashing stores provide customers with an alternative to banks for cashing their checks. These stores usually charge a fee based on the face value of the check to convert it to cash for the cu... Read More »

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Can a check cashing company cash a check payable to a business?

On One Hand: Not GenerallyIn most cases, a check cashing operation will only cash checks you can prove are written to you. Since you're not likely to have a driver's license or other identification... Read More »

Virginia Check Cashing Law?

Payday loans go by a number of different names including check-to-cash, cash advances, short-term personal loans, check loans, and check cashing services. The practice typically involves a borrower... Read More »

Insurance Requirements for Check Cashing?

Check cashing happens everyday, and most of the time little to no difficulty is involved. With insurance checks, however, it can be a different story. This is because insurance checks are typically... Read More »

How to Start a Check Cashing Service?

You can start a check cashing business by buying a franchise or by starting your own business. Whatever you decide, you need to have full knowledge of how this kind of business operates. As with an... Read More »