Rules for Re-Aging Debt in Ohio?

Answer Under the Ohio state law, debt expires. The statute of limitation is aimed at preventing a lifelong claim on a debt that has been defaulted. For example, six years is the time frame within which a ... Read More »

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Ohio Consumer Debt Laws?

If you can't pay your medical or credit card bills, you might feel frustrated and perhaps unsure of your rights. As a resident of Ohio, you are guaranteed certain rights when dealing with debt coll... Read More »

The Government Rules for Consumer Debt Relief?

The economic downturn has led more consumers to seek assistance from debt relief companies. These companies help consumers negotiate their debts with creditors in an effort to reduce the amount owe... Read More »

High Yield Debt Obligation Rules?

A collateralized debt obligation that has an abnormally high return is considered a high yield debt. Such debts tend to entail a higher degree of risk for investors, and this higher risk is reflect... Read More »

Smoking on Balconies Ohio Rules?

The state of Ohio introduced a ban on smoking in 2006 that represented the first shift of its kind for a midwestern state. The language of the ban prohibits smoking "in any public place or place of... Read More »