Rules for Pronoun & Antecedent Agreement?

Answer A pronoun is a word that can replace a noun in a sentence. For example, in the sentence “Michelle took her dog for a walk”, the word “her” replaces the word “Michelle’s”. The antecede... Read More »

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What is pronoun-antecedent agreement?

Pronouns are "shortcut words" used to replace nouns. They must agree with the antecedent, or noun, in gender, number and person.PronounA pronoun is a substitute for a noun. "He," "she" and "it" ar... Read More »

What is pronoun agreement?

A pronoun represents a noun, or refers back to a noun used in a sentence. Clear speaking and writing require that your pronouns "agree" that is, that you use the correct pronouns.Agree in NumberThe... Read More »

8 Rules of Subject Agreement?

English grammar is not always easy. There are many tricky and complicated rules: For instance, some of the rules of subject agreement are straightforward, while others need more careful scrutiny an... Read More »

Apartment Lease Agreement Rules?

Apartment rental agreements can sometimes be a little confusing, but most of the time, they follow a fairly typical format. There are elements that are usually universal, and being aware of these c... Read More »