Rules for Collecting Temporary Disability Insurance?

Answer Disability insurance is perhaps one of the most important types of policies you can buy. This coverage pays you a monthly benefit if you sustain an injury that prevents you from working. Temporary ... Read More »

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If you become disabled due to pregnancy and are currently unemployed and collecting unemployment insurance are you able to collect disability insurance instead?

Check your policy language for details. Some insurers will pay benefits based upon your inability to perform certain Activities of Daily Living (ADL): eating, bathing, transferring, etc. Others wi... Read More »

Can disability insurance help you pay for medical costs while collecting unemployment?

AnswerTo collect unemployment you have to be available for work. So, you would probably NOT be considered disabled to collect under your Disability Policy.For more info check out the State DI and S... Read More »

If you are collecting long term disability and then you pass away will you get your life insurance?

Thrifty car hirewell yes but there are lots they fall under the catogry of travel insurance companies (down under insureance)Currancy exchange such as Smart currancy exchange.there are lots under c... Read More »

Can you be fired on temporary disability insurance?

The answer depends upon the size of your employer, the state you work in, and the length of your disability. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides job protection for up to 12 weeks for your... Read More »