Rules and Tips About Contacts?

Answer Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to glasses. In fact, millions of people wear contacts successfully. However, it is very important to properly care of your contact lenses. Poor mainte... Read More »

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Survey about butter: can my real contacts separate themselves from my not so real contacts?

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Any tips for getting contacts in and out?

You don't say weather they are soft or hard contacts. If they are hard place on face of top of index finger head down over a mirror lying flat, bring contact right up to your pupil making contact w... Read More »

Contacts anys tips of ideas?

way more comfortable than once upon a time but still never wear 24 hours, e.g., don't sleep in them. i'm a big fan of clear care cleaning solution, but follow the directions carefully. i don't kn... Read More »

Question about Contacts?

Prescription powers CAN'T be ADDED to a lens...they have to be made that way to begin with.