RudE cOmMeNts... luV tHeM...!!?

Answer Your a fruitcake and i hate you. Jesus Christ... learn to type you son of a whore.!!!!!!!!!

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Help Me... but please don't make any rude comments...?

It's exactly that.Men, like me, usually run into this with tightly curving hairs that one shaves: the beard. And there, usually right near the lips or more often along the neck under the chin and c... Read More »

Parent's feelings on rude comments.............?

Sometimes I'd ignor it & sometimes I'd make a snotty comment right back. If the person repeats themselves with their comments or is really snotty, I'd do what you did - be rude & try to embarrass ... Read More »

Tattoo question No rude comments for real!?

Try thinking of something that's important to you that helped you become strong to deal with the things in your life. For example. I was abused for several years by my grandpa. I let him get to me ... Read More »

Do I look FAT, please be honest i wont get offended by rude comments! thanks.?