Rubrics for Writing Children's Stories?

Answer The writing of children's stories or anything else may need to be evaluated or judged according to different rubrics, or sets of criteria, depending on who is doing the judging -- a publisher, a sc... Read More »

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Rubrics for Reading & Writing Activities?

Grading reading and writing assignments isn't an entirely objective process, so rubrics come in handy when weighing the relative merits of a project against its shortcomings. A rubric sets the stan... Read More »

How to Make Rubrics for Summary Writing?

When students are given a writing assignment in class, they are eventually going to be graded on what they produce. To be able to grade a student's writing, you must create a rubric for the type of... Read More »

Can TUMBLR be used for writing stories (O_o)?

No its not that good, I would try it doesnt allow anyone to copy your stories and have ur own copyright 100% Free

Life stories please I'm writing a song, and they would really help.?

This happened a long time ago My friend went to prison for the first time in his life. Boy did I pray for him. It was a for a petty crime but he stood his ground and accepted the consequences. ... Read More »