Rubrics As Instructional & Evaluative Tools?

Answer Rubrics are tools often used to evaluate learning for authentic assessments to make the evaluation more concrete and consistent. Once developed, a rubric can be used repeatedly over several courses... Read More »

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Describe an Evaluative Piece of Essay Writing?

An evaluative piece of essay writing is best described as an essay that aims to review or evaluate a work, process or person. Although the writer must express a clear judgment or opinion, she also... Read More »

The Advantages of Rubrics?

A rubric is an assessment tool that measures a student's work. It is a type of scoring guide that evaluates performance based on a range of criteria rather than just a numerical score. A rubric is ... Read More »

How to Make Rubrics?

Grading papers and projects is the most time-consuming task most teachers face each day. Not only can using a rubric simplify this job -- it can also let students know your expectations and allow e... Read More »

How to Design Rubrics?

Rubrics help educators grade effectively. A common complaint from students is how a grade is actually derived. The days of simply putting a letter grade at the top of an assignment or project are o... Read More »