Rubbing Compound Vs. Polishing Compound?

Answer Though similar in use, rubbing compound and polishing compound are not interchangeable. Each is used to correct different car finish problems. Car owners should understand these differences to make... Read More »

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Difference Between Rubbing and Polishing Compound?

Bringing a car's finish back to its original luster with compound is a challenge, but if you choose the wrong compound you could do serious damage to your paint job or get poor results.

How to Use a Polishing Compound?

Polishing compound is typically sold in bar form and ranges from fine to coarse, much like sandpaper. Polishing compound is used to smooth and shine surfaces such as metal, plastic and wood. This c... Read More »

How to Remove Polishing Compound?

Detailing a beloved vehicle is a practice in patience. Washing, buffing, and polishing by hand take hours of attention to detail to achieve that pristine shine much coveted by car enthusiasts. Even... Read More »

How to Use Turtle Wax Polishing Compound?

Turtle Wax Polishing Compound is a specific product that a lot of consumers have trouble with. Turtle Wax Polishing Compound is for cleaning oxidized paint on painted metal, chrome and porcelain su... Read More »