Rubber bands on braces?

Answer You put new ones in everyday.

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What do the rubber bands in braces do?

the rubber bands will bring the top teeth back, and they work really well. I had them myself and I can say that the pain of the rubber bands were worth it in the end. Best of luck :D

My rubber bands for braces HURT!?

I know it hurts, but don't eat just to take them off ( it's also not healthy to eat all day ). Yes, advil will help :) But if it doesn't, just think that you will have a correct bite :D And keep th... Read More »

What do rubber bands do for braces?

They might be small, but rubber bands for braces have a large part to play in straightening teeth through orthodontics. Failure to use them properly will delay the day you can finally have your br... Read More »

I have 3/16" elastic "rubber bands" for braces?

Completely right :)Went through this as well.