Rubber bands hurt my TEETH?

Answer If you will wear them day and night the pain should go away. All of the good work done by the elastics during the night is undone by not wearing them in the daytime. No, it is not helping to just w... Read More »

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I just got rubber bands for my braces, how long are my teeth going to hurt for?

i had braces and did you just get your braces? or did you have braces and just got rubber bands? the rubber bands part will hurt for a couple days to like a week, not too long. chew sugar free gum,... Read More »

My rubber bands for braces HURT!?

I know it hurts, but don't eat just to take them off ( it's also not healthy to eat all day ). Yes, advil will help :) But if it doesn't, just think that you will have a correct bite :D And keep th... Read More »

I forgot which teeth I am supposed to have my rubber bands on?

I would suggest calling them up and asking them for some advice. Also search on the internet for 'braces with rubber bands' and you might recognize how she meant to put them on. Also, on the block ... Read More »

What colour braces (rubber bands) will make your teeth appear whiter?

Just get clear. They are hardly noticible and your teeth will look white as long as you take care of them. don't get any yellow or green or colors like that. Also, anything that really contrasts... Read More »