Routable Vs. Non Routable Protocols?

Answer In theory, the idea of the Internet is simple: Allow a lot of different computers to access a lot of information and allow them to communicate with each other about that information, regardless of ... Read More »

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What is a non-routable protocol?

A non-routable protocol is a communications protocol consisting of a device address, according to the Your Dictionary website. Non-routable protocols lack the ability to send information from one n... Read More »

What Makes a Protocol Routable?

A communications protocol is routable when it contains the necessary information for delivery between multiple computer networks. Both a network address and a device address are required for the ro... Read More »

Top ER Protocols?

Emergency room protocols are generally based on patients' conditions when they appear at the ER. In cases of mass injuries, such as a bus accident, explosion, multi-car pileup or other serious even... Read More »

Rs-232 & Rs-432 Protocols?

RS-232 and RS-432 are two standards for serial connections from computers to peripherals. The standards specify the cable type and connector configurations. "RS" stands for "Recommended Standard."