Roundabout Protocol?

Answer A roundabout, also known as a rotary, is a road feature that is designed to make intersections safer and more efficient, not just for drivers but also for pedestrians and bicyclists. Basic rules fo... Read More »

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How to Navigate a Roundabout?

Roundabouts are gaining popularity due to their safer and more efficient method of moving traffic. This article will explain how to navigate both single-lane and multi-lane roundabouts.

Roundabout deadlock PANIC!?

I call it a Mexican standoff! usually occuring at mini roundabouts. Ease forward slowly and you will control the situation, OR, let someone else go first and wait until it's clear. There is no righ... Read More »

Mini roundabout fear?

Hi,I am an ex driving instructor so I can help you. You are quite right as most careless drivers just ignore the mini roundabout and usually just drive right over them as if it wasn't there. The ... Read More »

Mini roundabout incident?

If he wasn't indicating - how do you know his intention was to turn right?He clearly was at fault for not indicating - but the Highway code does say you should be aware of drivers at roundabouts wh... Read More »