Rotary cuff injury or possible AC joint separation. Please help.?

Answer usually, the hospital has you do a follow-up with a physician, usually your can contact your pediatrician, tell him/her what happened, that you need a follow up, but would prefer an pedia... Read More »

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What medication is for a torn rotary cuff?

You get a product from Standard Process called Ligaplex II. This product is a phyto-nutrient, and it gives your muscles and ligaments the nutrition it needs to heal. Any part of your body will heal... Read More »

Rotator cuff or back injury?

Your rotator cuff is a set of 4 deep musclesthat come together around the head of your humerus now what your describing could possibly be a tear to the muscle that runs along the shoulder blade so ... Read More »

Rotator cuff or back injury Please help!?

It sounds like its your rotator cuff. Try not to move it to much and occasionally icing it will help.

Rotator cuff injury question?

Yes, this problem can prevent growth in your should be concerned