Rotary Tools for Cutting Marble?

Answer Marble, which is used for building attractive manors, tombstones and mausoleums, is a stone that people tend to associate with wealth and prestige. Tools for cutting marble are often specific, and ... Read More »

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Tips for Cutting Marble?

Marble is used in and around homes of all types. Whether it is a marble threshold going into your bathroom, or a tumbled marble backsplash in your kitchen, marble can be cut at home. To make the jo... Read More »

Rotary Broach Tools?

Rotary broaching, also known as wobble broaching, is a method of producing internal and external polygon forms on the end of a work piece while it is rotating. The rotary broaching process takes ju... Read More »

Can you cut vegetables on a marble cutting board?

You can use a marble cutting board to cut vegetables. However, the recommended use of a marble cutting board is for preparing pastry or presenting cheese. Marble is hard on knives and can make them... Read More »

Marble Sculpture Tools?

Stone sculpting can be traced back for thousands of years. Ancient cultures from the Greeks to the Egyptians embraced stone sculpture in an effort to immortalize their kings and queens in an ideali... Read More »