Rosetta Stone Error 2122 Database is out of date?

Answer This is a bug in Rosetta Stone. When you uninstall the product, it will often leave a file behind called "tracking.db3". This hidden file may not show up if you do a search in Windows for it. In... Read More »

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Rosetta Stone fatal application error 1141?

I have not tried it but there is a solution to this problem posted here…Hope it helps!D

Gaia Online is telling me "database-error: not connected to a database." What do I do?

Knowing Gaia, somebody probably tripped over a server cord or something. Everything will go back to normal after they get back from their coffee break/laser tag match and plug it back in.

Who translated the Rosetta stone?

The Rosetta stone contains the same ancient text carved in three different languages: Egyptian hieroglyphics, Egyptian Demotic and Greek. According to Windows to the Universe, physicist Thomas Youn... Read More »

How do I activate Rosetta Stone?

After you insert the Rosetta Stone CD-ROM into your computer, follow the on-screen steps to install the program. Enter the activation ID in the product activation box, which will open after you reg... Read More »