Rose of Sharon Diseases?

Answer Normally, the rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) is a disease-resistant shrub or tree. Needing very little care, the rose of Sharon tolerates heat, humidity and salt. Deer and rabbits will leave th... Read More »

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What does the Rose of Sharon mean?

The Rose of Sharon is a flowering plant referenced in the second chapter of the Song of Solomon. In this biblical context, it's used as a description of a young woman's beauty. According to archael... Read More »

Is Rose of Sharon a Hibiscus?

The name rose of Sharon, which comes from the King James version of the Old Testament, can refer to a variety of flowering plants. Different regions of the world use the term to describe different ... Read More »

Colors of the Rose of Sharon?

The rose of sharon (Hibiscus syriacus), also known as the shrub althea, is best known for its large, highly ornamental flowers, which come in a range of colors. It's hardy in cooler climates than t... Read More »

What does the rose of Sharon symbolize?

In the Bible, the Song of Solomon refers to the rose of Sharon, but it does not prove to stand for anything. It was a phrase used to portray the loveliness of a woman. Hebrew translation of the Bib... Read More »