Rose of Sharon Diseases?

Answer Normally, the rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) is a disease-resistant shrub or tree. Needing very little care, the rose of Sharon tolerates heat, humidity and salt. Deer and rabbits will leave th... Read More »

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How do i propagate a rose of sharon?

From SeedsCollect dried seed pods at the end of the growing season and store them in a cool, dark area in a covered container. About six weeks before the last frost, remove the seeds from the pods ... Read More »

Is Rose of Sharon a Hibiscus?

The name rose of Sharon, which comes from the King James version of the Old Testament, can refer to a variety of flowering plants. Different regions of the world use the term to describe different ... Read More »

How do I fertilize Rose of Sharon?

SpringFeed Rose of Sharon with a fruit and flower formulated fertilizer according to package directions once new growth is visible. Fruit and flower fertilizers have higher levels of phosphorus and... Read More »

How to Start Rose of Sharon?

Rose of Sharon (Althaea syriacus) has a somewhat deceiving common name because it isn't a rose at all. Rose of Sharon is actually a shrub in the hibiscus family and, like those of its cousins, its... Read More »