RootKit: System modification C:\\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\s…?

Answer I'm having the same problem. I think this is another one of Avast's numerous false positives.Also, this happened right after the latest virus definition file update -- 111206-0 released 12/6/11 at ... Read More »

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What is rootkit?

Rootkits are a particularly dangerous form of malware that attack computers from the inside. Once buried deep within a computer, rootkits tear down defenses and invite further attacks from other ma... Read More »

How do i use rootkit unhooker?

Winrar InstallationDownload Winrar and save the installation file to your desktop for easy access. Double-click the installation file on your desktop to begin the installation process. Follow the o... Read More »

What is a rootkit scan?

A rootkit is a form of computer malware that attempts to conceal itself from traditional detection methods. A rootkit scan typically reveals any discrepancies in registry keys and file systems, all... Read More »

What is a Rootkit Revealer?

The RootKit Revealer is a utility for your computer that detects rootkits. A rootkit is the means by which malware hides itself from your computer's security utilities. This utility works with Wind... Read More »