Root Canal Tomorrow..will it hurt without anesthesia?

Answer I would ask for some novocaine. Even though the root is dead, the surrounding gum and tissue is not. I've had root canals and they always give me novocaine. But it won't hurt very badly, don't worry.

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How much does a root canal hurt?

Shouldn't hurt at all other than a few small pokes of the needle to use local anesthetics. Since they are removing the nerve you wont feel anything afterwards, other than maybe some mild discomfort... Read More »

Does a root canal hurt?

I had one, and it didn't hurt too much, but I know what they were doing and it really grossed me out to think about if you don't know about what they do, ignorance is bliss.

Does getting a root canal hurt?

Honestly, the pain you are feeling right now is worse than root canal. There might be a little discomfort with the novocaine shot, but you will be numbed up that you shouldn't feel anything but a ... Read More »

How bad does a root canal hurt?

It doesnt hurt DURING the Canal, they use anthessia, its AFTER the anesthesia wears off, that it hurts and its hurts your wallet its costs like $1000!!!