Rooster Crafts?

Answer Roosters are part of the decor in country homes, bringing a cozy and welcoming feeling to any room. Make rooster crafts in natural or whimsical styles to add country charm to your home. Use a varie... Read More »

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How to Slaughter a Rooster?

A rooster is a common addition to backyard chicken coops. The rooster can help protect the chicken flock and help stimulate egg laying. If your rooster becomes too aggressive, you have too many roo... Read More »

How to Butcher a Rooster?

While the female chickens provide eggs, male roosters may be killed to provide meat. Although anyone's first try at butchering will inevitably be a slow and laborious process, with practice it can ... Read More »

Do you need a rooster for a hen to lay eggs?

The simple answer is that hens can and do lay eggs without having a rooster present. However, for the eggs to be fertile and grow into chicks, fertilization by a rooster is needed.

How to Make a Rooster Not Attack You?

A dominant rooster can be a real pain for chicken owners, as he will attack you and generally be an aggressive nuisance whenever you get near his flock. However, you don't have to accept the rooste... Read More »