Room Divider Ideas for Small Houses?

Answer Dividing a room in a small house is trickier than in a larger house because you have less room to work with and less rooms in general. Examine the function of the space and the smaller spaces creat... Read More »

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Room Divider Ideas With Curtains?

Nobody ever said you could only hang curtains on the windows. In fact, dividing a room with curtains can enhance your interior design by forming gentle barriers while still letting light through. U... Read More »

How long can a room divider be?

On One Hand: The Length of the RoomThe room divider should be the length of the room to block out all sound and to prevent things like dust and hot air from passing between the two rooms. Install a... Read More »

How do I set up a portable room divider?

Setting up a Room DividerUnfold the room divider halfway, and position it loosely in the desired space. Look at the room divider from all angles to ensure it is positioned where you want it. Some p... Read More »

DIY Room Divider Panels?

Room dividers serve as mobile and convenient tools for splitting up large rooms or other spaces. Those with big homes full of large, airy rooms may like them for delineating seating areas or separa... Read More »