Roof of mouth is hard and convex, just like a walnut.?

Answer It sounds like your daughter-in-law has a palatal torus. It is a benign bone growth that occurs either on the palate or on the lower jaw, below your teeth on the tongue side. It is likely she has... Read More »

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Cut on Roof of my Mouth! Help!?

Drinking ice water will help slow the bleeding. Rinse with salt water made with Sea Salt (don't swallow)! Once the bleeding stops and healing begins be sure to rinse with something like Listerine... Read More »

Is walnut a hard wood?

Walnut wood refers to black walnut, which is a hardwood. It grows throughout the eastern US. It is used for furniture, cabinets, floors, doors, paneling and gunstocks. The grain is usually straight... Read More »

Big burn on the roof of my mouth?

Put some Anbesol om it, its usually used for toothaches but i think you could use it for your mouth. It has benzocaine in it, so itll numb your the roof of your mouth. It should be healed in 2 days

Roof of the mouth pain?

Hi! I have been in dentistry for over 25 years. Believe it or not this is a common problem. It is a palate irritation due to excessive dry mouth/acid irratation while you sleep. If you are a mo... Read More »