Roof Stain Removal Products?

Answer Roof stains reduce the curb appeal and value of a house. Cleaning these stains increases the appeal and in some cases the longevity of the roof. A variety of methods for cleaning a roof exist, and ... Read More »

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Who discovered stain removal?

Aura L. Wilson discovered and commercialized stain removal in 1928. Wilson found an effective chemical formula to remove stains from clothing. At first he sold it only to his friends in the industr... Read More »

Removal of a Stain from a Sharpie Pen?

Sharpie pens are a favorite writing tool because of the permanence of Sharpie pen ink. When a young child gets ahold of a Sharpie pen or you make an accidental swipe against a surface, you end up w... Read More »

Ink Stain Removal After Drying?

Unfortunately, ink stains are among the most difficult stains to remove, and heat setting them in the dryer just makes the problem worse. But before you throw that shirt away, try a few stain remov... Read More »

Red Beet Stain Removal?

Red beets are a delicious, nutritious vegetable, but have a bright color that can easily stain clothing and other fabrics. Since the stain can spread easily and quickly, it is important to treat it... Read More »