Roof Repair Instructions?

Answer If you own your home for an extended period of time, one repair project that can appear on your to-do list is repairing your roof. As time goes on and your roof is exposed to the elements, damage w... Read More »

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Thatch Roof Instructions?

Experienced thatchers still create thatched roofs today, though a new worker usually requires several years of practice before he can create a long-lasting, waterproof roof. Many regions have their... Read More »

Installation Instructions for a Rubber Roof?

Roofing repair is necessary on most homes sooner or later. Rubber roofing is available in a traditional shingle style or the more common flat rubber sheets manufactured in large rolls. Although it ... Read More »

Instructions on Installing a Roof Vent?

Modern drainage systems feature vents that keep stinky, sewer gases at bay. Allowing oxygen into a drain system also maintains the equilibrium required for flushed liquids to easily flow from the f... Read More »

How do i repair the inside roof of a van?

Van roofs are often made wider and higher than the rooftops of other vehicles. This puts more stress on the roof of the van, which can tend to develop flaws and structural problems more easily than... Read More »