Romantic Resturants in Northern NJ/NYC!?

Answer Go to a restaurant that is quite cheap but delicious.Bring her to the place that is quiet and romantic. Before you treat her, you must prepare yourself and call to the restaurant where you will tr... Read More »

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What meats/resturants have the most fillings it?

Wendy's used to claim they had the juiciest burgers of anyone. Then someone came up with a recipe that showed Wendy's had purchased more than a thousand tons of earthworms. Apparently Wendy's dis... Read More »

Why do people smoke when they eat out at resturants?

they smoke while they are out at a restaraunt for the same reasons they smoke when they are at home..they are old enough to buy them , they have the money to buy them, and it is their constitutiona... Read More »

Best resturants in San Diego Cali?

Uno Chicago Grill is really good. If you like philly cheese steak sandwiches they have a good one. then they have good pizza's. And Gringo's is good but not very cheap. They have good Margarita's. ... Read More »

Pakistani resturants in chicago?

I used Yahoo Local and It Looks Like Most were Indian but I could be wrong. Check it Out;_ylt=A2K…