Roman Tattoo Ideas?

Answer In early Rome, citizens were branded as a type of punishment. The tattoo was used as a "stigma," the Latin word for "tattoo." It was used to mark the criminal or brand slaves for ownership. Tattoo... Read More »

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Roman Blind Ideas?

Roman shades in many ways are the pinnacle of functional meets decorative: Such shades allow you as much privacy as traditional vertical blinds but without such a grating, industrial look. Roman sh... Read More »

Ideas for Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are simply shaped, flat fabric panels that are vertically corded and pleat nicely into horizontal folds when raised. Roman blinds are known for their chicness and versatility, and are ... Read More »

Borrowed Ideas in Roman Architecture?

The ancient Romans were prolific builders, and borrowed ideas freely from other cultures. In turn, other cultures were inspired from Roman themes, and borrowed from the Romans. Two major items the ... Read More »

Ideas for Ancient Roman Ideals?

While the word "Romanitas" was never used by the ancient Romans themselves, modern scholars use this word to refer to the culture and identity of the Roman people, from the early beginnings of Rome... Read More »