Roman Sword Types?

Answer Roman swords types fall into two main categories -- short and long. Roman legionnaires used short swords in battles that involved dense mobs, where they needed effective slashing capabilities. Sold... Read More »

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What flower was named after a Roman gladiator's sword?

Gladiolus received their name from the Roman word "gladius," meaning sword. During the time of the gladiators, a small sword was called a gladiolus. Carolus Linnaeus, father of the taxonomy classif... Read More »

Types of Roman Art?

The art of the Roman Empire inhabits some of the best museums and art galleries in the world. Roman art has been influential for thousands of years. It took many forms and was some of the most adva... Read More »

What are the different types of Roman shades?

The different types of Roman shades are Classic, Hobbled, Relaxed, and even top-down. Roman shades are very elegant and provide the perfect amount of light and privacy.

Three Types of Roman Auxiliary Soldiers?

For most of the history of the Roman Empire, the legions formed the backbone of the Empire's military and political power. However, the familiar figure of the legionnaire represents only one aspect... Read More »