Roman History Courses?

Answer Roman history offers plenty of material to develop any number of courses. During Ancient Rome's 1,200-year history, the city produced towering monuments, gave us the modern Western alphabet, the We... Read More »

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Greco-Roman Art History?

The history of art during the Greco-Roman period shows that the art created by the Romans owed a stylistic debt to the ancient Greek civilization. The works of art created during this time period a... Read More »

The History of Roman Columns?

The columns we see on many buildings today were first built by the Dorians in Ancient Greece in 7th century B.C. The Romans later adapted the same columns and added their own special touches, accor... Read More »

What was the first Roman history written work called?

The first Roman history written work was undertaken by Quintus Fabius Pictor and began with the founding of Rome. This work was written in Greek, not Latin. Unfortunately, both the title of this bo... Read More »

How to Use Roman History to Learn Latin Reading Skills?

Learning Latin is a useful skill, not only in its own right, but it also helps with other European languages. Teaching students to read Latin can be tricky, although the more context you provide fo... Read More »