Roma Tomato Varieties?

Answer Spaghetti sauce, pizza, and catsup all depend upon paste tomato varieties for their rich tomato flavor. Roma tomatoes are perhaps the best recognized variety of paste tomato. Their dense, plum shap... Read More »

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How to Prune Roma Tomato Plants?

Roma tomato plants produce small, almost oval-shaped tomatoes that are typically bright red and flavorful when they are ripe. Gardeners favor them because of their disease resistance and low bush-l... Read More »

How do I germinate roma tomato seeds?

SeedsPurchase high-quality roma tomato seeds from a reliable source. Buy only the amount of seeds you intend to use during the current growing season, as ability to germinate decreases with age. So... Read More »

How tall do Roma tomato plants get?

Most Roma tomato varieties will reach a mature height of 3 to 5 feet.They have a determinate growth habit, which means that the plant will stay relatively short and bushy and all of the fruit will ... Read More »

Can Roma tomato seeds be saved?

Although Roma tomato plants do not produce a lot of seeds, it is possible to save the seeds in order to grow new Roma tomatoes. In fact, most tomato seeds can be saved, but the success of future gr... Read More »