Rollover minutes?

Answer it means that you have 8000 rollover minutes that expires soon. so you have 8731 minutes to use until April 24, plus whatever amount of rollover minutes you have that has not expired (like from May... Read More »

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Does Verizon have rollover minutes?

On prepaid plans, Verizon has what is called carryover minutes. If you refill your account balance before it expires, then your minutes will carry over. If you select an unlimited plan, however, yo... Read More »

Does Verizon prepaid minutes rollover ?

If the time expires (for example, if it says for 1 month) it will not rollover.

Why is it that the snooze alarm is 9 minutes Why not just 10 minutes or something?

I thought everyone knew the answer to this!!!When you were kids, didn't you all take apart clocks?They put a kinda gear ring thing (never formally studied clocks) that has 9 teeth and it's a really... Read More »

Can an ira rollover be put in a cd?

An IRA rollover can be put into a certificate of deposit. If the rollover is completed with the same investments held prior to the rollover, it will first be necessary to liquidate the position bef... Read More »