Roles of each member in a family?

Answer each must find it own road and also must share the responsibilities together.

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TH Family: If you could meet only one member of TH, who would that member be?

Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill , i've never been so sure in my life, (:hahahaEDIT:awww all you guys under me STOP IT, you never know. stop bringing yourself down !! maybe one day when you least... Read More »

What are the roles of each sibling?

The role of sisters is whatever they all work toward making it. It is a bond that can be as strong as steel. They will share the same blood, some genes, lifetime, some character traits and possess ... Read More »

Can a family member who is staying with you temporarily drive your family car occasionally?

Answer If they are a licensed driver that should be OK. It's best to give them a signed note to carry in the car, saying they have your permission.

Is it normal if your boyfriend doesn't want to talk to you if a family member dies in his family?

Yes, it is quite common for an individual to not want to talk to their mate when someone they love has died. It is a form of grief so have patience and realize that he is not only trying to come to... Read More »