Roleplaying Games for Kids?

Answer Role-playing games allow children to explore different ways to handle situations and intermingle socially with other kids. Role-playing activities are used to teach lessons on responsibility and in... Read More »

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How to Play a Roleplaying Game?

Roleplaying is not unlike writing a book as you go along. You'll start with numbers on a page, and if everything goes well, you and your colleagues will end up with an unforgettable experience.

How to Hunt Like a Skyclan Cat (Roleplaying)?

A how-to guide on hunting like a Skyclan cat.

How to Do the Original Roleplaying Online?

This is the original role-playing way. It seems that role-playing has gone down the drain cause too many people think that role-playing is about sex. Well, for one, role-playing can involve sex in ... Read More »

How to Make Your Life a Roleplaying Game?

This is a great boredom buster! Also if you want to LARP(Live Action Role Playing) for free and easily do this!