Role of Fathers in Child Rearing?

Answer A father's role in his children's lives has changed over the last two centuries. Two hundred years ago, while mothers provided day-to-day care for children, fathers were the primary parent, discipl... Read More »

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The Role of Religion in Child Rearing?

No one knows exactly when the first religious practice started, but it has been a part of mankind's story from the beginning. Anthropologists theorize that religion was invented to allay fears abou... Read More »

What is child rearing?

Child rearing is just another term for raising children, bringing up children.I would like to add that it is not just the basic food, shelter, clothing triad that keeps children alive, but also the... Read More »

Should both parents take equal responsibility in child rearing?

Child raising-equal responsibility This is, of course, a matter of opinion and depends strongly on the situation. Naturally if one parent works and the other doesn't then it is more likely to be un... Read More »

What is the similarities between the child-rearing of Filipinos with other nationalities?

Physically, yes, you can but I wouldn't recommend it. Legally, you can't and emotionally you're not ready for it. Physically you're probably not either really