Role of Brown Algae?

Answer Almost 1,500 species of brown algae range in color from dark brown to olive green and in size from microscopic to giant, complex kelp that can grow more than 300 feet. Gas-filled bladders help alga... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Brown Algae in a Saltwater Tank?

Algae in a saltwater fish tank are a necessity for a healthy ecosystem for your fish. However, the algae can quickly get out of hand, leading to a tank overrun with brown algae that must be removed... Read More »

Types of Golden Brown Algae?

Brown Algae is a large family of marine life, that consists of roughly 1,500 distinct species. The larger members of the brown algae family provide housing for the oceans small life forms, includin... Read More »

How Can I Control the Brown Algae in My Aquarium?

Brown algae growth is frequently found in freshwater aquariums that have yet to develop enough of the beneficial bacteria needed to control it. In addition to making the aquarium look dirty and neg... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Brown Algae in a Salt Water Tank?

Brown algae are marine multicellular algae that include both enormous seaweed from the Northern Hemisphere waters and small formations in household water tanks. Some of the brown algae species are ... Read More »