Rode NT4 Alternatives?

Answer The Rode NT4 is a two-diaphragm stereo condenser microphone. It features a pair of small microphone diaphragms at the head that face in opposite directions. The idea is to capture a sound as two ha... Read More »

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I have a rode ntg2 question?

Read the manual:…There are two built-in mics. The are two XLR/quarter-inch combo audio-input jacks. One 3.5mm stereo audio input jack under the built-in mi... Read More »

Atvs Can i drive them on the rode?

You can drive them anywhere if you want. I drove my atv on the road one day but got pulled over by a cop... Of course it will slowly ruin the times... That's what roads do to all vehicles.

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Yes, my hands got so cold, I almost couldn`t squeeze the clutch. And I HAD gloves on.

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There were two men that rode with Paul Revere for at least part of his famous ride. The first was a shoemaker named William Dawes. The second was a doctor named Samuel Prescott. Revere met up with ... Read More »