Rocks That Explode Around Fire Pits?

Answer Not all rock is as dense as the granite and marble we use to build with. Some rocks are much more porous and permeable. This permeability allows air and water to enter into the rock body, where p... Read More »

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If you eat pop rocks and drink coke does your stomach really explode?

LoL! I have no idea but I have heard of this before. Would love to see if it was real of not! *races off to get the pop rocks and coke*

How to Build Fire Pits?

A fire pit can be utilized throughout the year. Campfires and bonfires act as beacons that call your family and friends together. You can enjoy a gathering of friends and family with s'mores, beers... Read More »

Are fire pits legal?

Although fire pits are allowed in most areas, the legality of fire pits is determined by state and local regulations. The U.S. Fire Administration provides a search database of local fire departmen... Read More »

How do i build fire pits?

Safe Building InstructionsCheck your area for city codes on building fires in your backyard to make sure it is legal to have open flames. Clear an area for your fire pit at least 10 feet away from ... Read More »