Rocking Toilet Leaks When Flushed?

Answer Toilets should sit stationary on a bathroom floor without rocking in any direction--no matter how many people climb on and off the toilet. Once you realize the toilet rocks in any direction, you ne... Read More »

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My Toilet Doesn't Drain When Flushed?

Normally a toilet's bowl will drain completely when you press the handle on the tank, meaning something about the toilet is not operating correctly if your toilet's bowl does not empty out. Determi... Read More »

When plumbing a bathroom what causes the shower to get hotter when the toilet is flushed?

Answer Because by flushing the toilet while using the shower, you have removed some of the water pressure on the cold side. This decreases the amount of water flowing to the shower head. Therefore ... Read More »

Why does the shower get cold when a toilet is flushed?

When the toilet is flushed, the toilet is "robbing" pressure from the shower, which is usually close to the toilet. As the COLD water pressure goes down from the toilet flush, the HOT water pressur... Read More »

What causes household plumbing to 'groan' when the toilet is flushed?

Answer Some plumbers call this hammerback. The pipes in the walls and slab will move if not properly secured, insulated, or are just plain old and weak. But this is only one possible cause of a gro... Read More »