Rock Glen, Ontario Fossil Hunting?

Answer The modern word "fossil" means physical evidence of former life before human history began being recorded. Fossils can be remains of a creature, imprints or preserved signs of movement. Fossils are... Read More »

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Fossil Hunting in Oklahoma?

Fossils are defined as any remains of ancient life that has been preserved in the Earth's crust. Fossils can be from plants or animals, whether actual remains of animals or evidence of their moveme... Read More »

South Alabama Fossil Hunting?

In 1961, students from the University of Alabama excavated farmland in Washington County, Alabama near Mobile. During this excavation, the students unearthed the largest skeleton of an extinct whal... Read More »

Fly-in Moose Hunting in Ontario, Canada?

When you are looking for an exciting hunt for one of North America's largest animals, consider the world-famous moose hunting found in Ontario, Canada. With an abundance of hunting areas and reason... Read More »

Moose Hunting in Ontario, Canada?

Big-game hunters in Ontario find themselves fortunate, because Ontario's hunt-able areas are home to over 90,000 Moose. Moose hunting in Ontario isn't as easy as simply grabbing a rifle and heading... Read More »