Roadmaster Specs?

Answer The Buick Roadmaster was manufactured from the end of the Great Depression until the late 1950s. The first automatic transmission appeared in the Roadmaster 1949 and the first V-8 in 1953. In 1959,... Read More »

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1996 Buick Roadmaster Specs?

The specifications for your 1996 Buick Roadmaster result from over 90 years of development. The first Buick automatic transmission, the Hydroflow, came out in 1948 and the first high compression V-... Read More »

How to Use a Roadmaster Vacuum Gauge?

The Roadmaster pressure reducer or vacuum gauge is a device that uses pressurized air to brake a towed vehicle. The device is an accessory for the Brakemaster supplemental braking system or other v... Read More »

Roadmaster Towbar Instructions?

The Roadmaster tow bar is used to transport a vehicle by towing it passengerless, behind another vehicle. Advertised as one of the safest and most trouble-free towing solutions on the market, the R... Read More »

Roadmaster Speaker Installation?

Roadmaster speakers are built for a variety of factory replacement applications. There's no special wiring required in these usages -- you'll simply connect the new speakers to the existing car wir... Read More »