River & Stream Biome Plants?

Answer Streams and rivers are moving bodies of freshwater, which usually originate high in the mountains. As they flow toward the oceans, streams and rivers change courses, combine with other bodies of wa... Read More »

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Plants in the Mountain Ice Cap Biome?

Biomes are different regions of the Earth that share a similar climate, as well as similar plant and animal life. Plants that are grown in the Mountain -- or Alpine - biome tend to be small and le... Read More »

Plants for a Rainforest Biome?

Rainforest biomes are home to some of the most diverse arrays of plants on the planet. Different species of flowers and other plants are still being discovered by modern science making cataloging o... Read More »

Animals & Plants in the Aquatic Biome?

The aquatic biomes, or ecosystems, of the world include freshwater and marine biomes. Freshwater biomes comprise rivers and streams, lakes and ponds, and wetlands. Marine biomes consist of oceans, ... Read More »

Exotic Plants in a Savanna Biome?

Savanna biomes are grasslands with very few trees. They are warm and tend to have two seasons in the year--rainy and dry. They receive up to 30 inches of rain during the rainy season, and are at hi... Read More »