Ritz Crackers Peanuts Or BBQ Corn Chips Which of these Snacks do you like better?

Answer Ritz crackers!:) you have really good Questions! :)

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Saltine Crackers Ritz Crackers Or Animal Crackers Which from this list do you like better?

Where to buy Ritz crackers in India ?

Go out on to the street. find a kiosk see if they sell them. You are in India. The food is incredible. Eat that instead.

What is the origin of Ritz Crackers?

According to Corinne Cook in a July 2009 article for The Advocate, Nabisco introduced Ritz Crackers in 1934. The name "Ritz" was chosen to conjure up images of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Boston, Mas... Read More »

Who invented ritz crackers?

The National Biscuit Company, also known as Nabisco, debuted the Ritz cracker in 1934. The invention of the cracker is not credited to any individual. It was a product of company experimentation an... Read More »