Risks of Changing the Old Standard Transmission Fluid?

Answer In general, mechanics recommend regular replacement of transmission fluids for ultimate transmission performance. According to Trust My, the transmission fluid should be changed every ... Read More »

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Changing Transmission Fluid?

Since 500 B.C., the benefits that olive oil on the body have been widely known. The advantages, however, are not just limited to inside the body. Olive oil soap can also be healthful to the skin. R... Read More »

The Importance of Changing Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant and as a cooling agent for all moving parts of the transmission.It is the lifeblood of the transmission and regular checks and changes are vital to the transm... Read More »

Changing Transmission Fluid in a 2007 Toyota?

Changing the transmission fluid on a 2007 Toyota is basically the same process from model to model. The transmission is exposed underneath the frame of the Toyota. On the transmission of a Toyota, ... Read More »

Changing Transmission Fluid in a Toyota Camry?

Most Toyota Camrys are equipped with an automatic transmission that is lubricated with automatic transmission fluid (ATF), but some Camry models--especially from the 1980s and 1990s--have manual tr... Read More »