Risk of pregnancy?

Answer High if you do it when you ovulate or have unprotected sex less than a week before you ovulate since sperms can live inside you for up to a week.

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How can a high-risk pregnancy be prevented?

A pre-pregnancy visit with a healthcare provider is especially important for a woman who has a medical problem. The doctor will discuss how women with this condition usually fare during pregnancy. ... Read More »

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

Answer A high-risk pregnancy is anything that increases the chances of the baby and mother not remaining healthy.This may be because the mother already has a problem before pregnancy, diabetes, kid... Read More »

Who is at risk with teenage pregnancy?

If you live in a country with good health care and access to healthy food etc no one is at risk. Teens can have a little bit higher risk because they don't always stick to eating healthy etc but th... Read More »

What are the health risk in teen pregnancy?

Answer:Premature birth, low birthweight, lower survival rate for both mother and child and birth defects.