Risk of Skin Irritation in High Chlorine Pools?

Answer Swimming pools are an ideal summer treat, and for those with an interest in physical fitness, swimming is a good way to keep in shape regardless of the season. Swimming pools are treated with speci... Read More »

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What can be done to eliminate skin rashes from swimming in bromine pools if you do not have a reaction in chlorine pools?

I have a major problem with bromine and get a horrible rash when I swim with it. The only thing that sort of works is to use a barrier cream (basically something that people use when they work with... Read More »

How to Treat Burns to Skin From Chlorine in Pools?

Just about everyone is familiar with the smell of chlorine, which is used to sanitize swimming pools, and most are familiar with the taste, too, from occasionally taking in a mouthful of water when... Read More »

Do chlorine pools hurt a dog's skin or coat?

On One Hand: Dogs Love WaterFor many dogs, swimming is refreshing and fun. Dogs are part of the family and, according to veterinarian and author Nancy Kay, "Many dogs swim every day in their home s... Read More »

Hazards of High Chlorine Levels in Swimming Pools?

Chlorine is the chemical most commonly used to treat swimming pools. Adding chlorine to a pool will help contain bacteria levels and break down body oils. Using proper amounts of chlorine in a pool... Read More »